Hotel Chünü'ü Minca


What do you prefer, the river or the pool? At Chünü'ü you don't have to choose; we have a pool and direct access to the Minca River, giving you multiple options for fun.

Jacuzzi with net

Enjoy our hot water jacuzzi with hydromassage, as well as the giant net where you can observe the wonders of your surroundings

Hammock and net area

We have hammocks and nets all around the hotel so you can enjoy, sleep, and relax in the midst of nature and Chünü'ü.

Play zone

Our play area is equipped with Parqués, giant Jenga, and even Rana. This place is perfect for having fun and sharing with your friends and family. Additionally, we have a park that is ideal for children

Reading area

This place is ideal for relaxing and reading your favorite book while being surrounded by nature. We have books in different languages, which you can exchange

Zona de lectura en Minca


Enjoy a green view on our magical terrace. In this place, we hold meditation and relaxation sessions ideal for your rest


Enjoy our nightly and romantic bonfire, where you can roast marshmallows under the starlight.


Relax with some well-deserved massages and face masks amidst nature

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